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I worry about the Jem & the Holograms movie…


I worry about the movie becoming stupid. Lots of fluff, no substance. The original series was really serious! Lots of serious PSA issues, a focus on a mental and physical health of young girls. Plus all the action of any boy’s series of the time. Personally, I think animation is the way to go (Esp when it comes to Synergy) but if you are going to go with live-action, please please please don’t “make it for kids”. You are going to have to impress alot of 30-40 year old ladies, so don’t water it down!! d(>u<)b

I was going to reblog this from some pics going around, but I care a lot more about his ‘before’ reaction, that ‘I cannot believe someone just said that to me’ look. [Feels like his inner dialogue would have been like Frankie defending herself with “I’m punk rock” on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends] Anywho, Love ya, old man! Happy Birthday! <3

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